Why should I use your checklist?

Some of you may just want to browse, others may be looking for validating their current status, and still others may be completely not satisfied with what you have (but still curious).

For those who want to have the comprehensive checklist, never before have you had such an open platform for discussing what it's really like to manage and administer something. There are people on the outside trying to learn more about learning from the experts, and we're pretty confident there are people on the inside learning too.

For those who are looking for the best or who may be just a bit curious, you could post a comment to see all the information shared by our community. Since we're just getting started, we have launched with a “share something” model. Put simply, it's a form of sharing; you need to give us something to make sure we provide the best to our community.

We think it seems fair, 5-10 minutes is a pretty small price to pay for all that information (especially when most other services charge you for it). And think of it this way, it's good career karma.

Why do I need to post a review on your checklist?

Since we're just getting started, we decided to launch with a “share something” model. Put simply, it's a form of sharing by professionals; you need to give us something to make sure we provide the best to our community. So we are requesting you to post a comment and rank our checklists.

We take your comment very seriously. Not only will we never expose your personal information or email to other users without your permission, we have also taken additional measures to protect your anonymity. We also review every post, and if we feel your review/comment is really helpful to improve our existing checklist, we will include the content on our checklist.

How do I edit or remove a comment that I've already posted?

Unfortunately at the moment, we don't offer members the ability to edit or remove their comments. We understand this is a bit inconvenient (it is for us too!) and we'll have a better solution soon. In the meantime, if you were interested in removing or editing your comment because you were concerned about your anonymity, just let us know by sending an email to info@checklist20.com and we will pull your post down from the site.

If you're a student and have never had a “real” job, don't worry - we've been there. We won't make you post a review for a job that you've never had. Simply send an email from your schools .edu account to students@checklist20.com and we'll set up an account for you with access to all the reviews shared by our community.

How do you make sure ratings, reviews, and information  are really from experts?

We make it clear reviews must be posted by a professional or someone who is employed in the domain within the last three years. We require our users to certify that they actually work in the domain when they submit their comment. We trust our users to be honest about their expertise, and we also happen to believe that it's easier to tell the truth than it is to make up lies.

But that's not to understate the importance of getting the “real” inside look, which is one reason why we require all users to verify their account via email before their comments and reviewers are available to other users. This verification allows us to put additional measures in place to help identify suspicious users or comments, even if those cases are the exception rather than the rule. These measures, combined with community feedback and our commitment to review and rank every post, allow us to have confidence that our information is really from experts.

What should I say when I write my comment?

Well, what do you think are the most important things people should know about the checklist items? We want your reviews and comments to be helpful to our community, so we ask that everyone talk about a few good things, a few not so good things, and then offer your advice to community. That will help us keep the reviews up-to-date, comprehensive and useful, but in the end it's really up to you. You'll see the most helpful reviews are tested, detailed, and can only come from experts who are domain experts.

How do I get a review or comment removed?

If you see a review, comment, or any user content that you feel is outside our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines (it's not enough to just disagree, it has to have crossed a line), we hope you'll let us know. Send us an email at content@checklist20.com  and we'll take appropriate action.

How do I use this service as a business?

We all know services are expensive, administratively burdensome and often mistimed, leaving employees and employers struggling with how to make sense of the services and apply the feedback. We have developed our checklists to generate healthy and constructive discussion and recognize that the thoughtful participation by our community has a lot to offer your organization.

Specifically, our checklists can help you:
  • Get free, tested and real-time best practices. Supplement your own best practices, with a real time look at what our community really thinks. This can help you quickly identify any issues and capitalize on your strengths.
  • See how you stack up.  Our checklists  let's you instantly see how you compare to the best practices. This allows you to focus on the differentiators that matter most to your business.
  •  Get recognized for what matters most. If you're among the best on our Checklist categories, that means something. Unlike “best of” lists, we provide unedited and complied checklists  from several reliable sources. This provides yet another valuable tool to help you reduce the complexity.

What criteria does Checklist 2.0 use to select experts and resources?

Checklist 2.0 selects those who best exemplify the program fundamentals of product proficiency, enthusiasm, and professionalism towards specific domain areas and the customer base.

Are our Community Experts allowed to represent more than one product?

Yes.  Our checklist platform usually represents single products. However, if an expert's expertise extends to more than one product, she/he is encouraged, though not required, to make contributions in other product areas.