What is Checklist 2.0?

Checklist 2.0 is an online community where anyone can find peer-reviewed organized checklists built by community of experts to manage security, compliance and best-practices — all for free. What sets us apart is that all our information comes from the people who know these areas best — domain experts. In the spirit of community, we ask our users to share with each other. We first ask that you comment on our checklists by providing your feedback. By working together, we can share best practices and bring greater transparency to one of the most important parts of our lives —our work.

What Makes Us Different?

Our checklist platform is the only site that provides a complete, real-time, inside look at what it's really like to implement the best practices by leveraging the power of global pool of experts— ratings, reviews, and comments — for free. Although we're just getting started, our checklist is already providing what we think is very compelling information, including:
  • Detailed checklist items preapred, compiled and organized from the best sources. We encourage constructive feedback in our checklists and ask respondents to provide “pros” and “cons”, along with “advice to your peers.”
  • Ability to download and use the checklists. Our repository of checklists in each domain areas provides option for companies and individuals to download and use.
  • Real-time update and RSS feed.    You can see details of our update via e-mail notification or RSS feeds that you'll immediately recognize. With information posted everyday, users can be sure they're seeing the latest.
  • It's all FREE. The only cost to access all this information on our site is to post comment and reviews of your own. We're using this “share something” model to get started, and since it will only take a few minutes to complete we hope you'll give it a try.